3 Symptoms That Can Be Treated With Hormone Replacement Therapy

There’s a lot going on inside our bodies, and a lot of those processes are controlled by our hormones, including estrogen and progesterone. When hormone levels drop during menopause or from another cause, we can start to experience a lot of surprising — and unpleasant — symptoms. Susan Biegel MD offers state-of-the-art hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help her patients relieve hormone-related symptoms for better health and a better quality of life. Here are just three symptoms HRT can treat.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a major symptom associated with decreased levels of estrogen, and the effects can be far-reaching. First, when the vaginal tissues are dry, it can cause a lot of pain during intercourse. Low estrogen levels cause the vaginal tissues to become thin as well, increasing the level of irritation you’ll experience. What’s more, when the vagina’s natural lubrication declines, it can make you more susceptible to infections, and over time, your risk for urinary incontinence can increase as well. For women with severe vaginal dryness, irritation and discomfort can persist throughout the day, and even wearing jeans or a bathing suit can be very uncomfortable. HRT helps relieve vaginal dryness along with all these other “side effects” it can cause. As vaginal health is restored, many women find their level of desire and sexual pleasure dramatically increases, and the worry over irritation and infection can provide you with a surprising degree of peace of mind.

Fatigue and moodiness

OK, that sounds like two symptoms rolled into one, but these two symptoms are actually closely related: When you feel tired and worn out, you’re much more likely to also have symptoms of irritability, anxiety, and sadness, and it’s also harder to find the energy to keep those emotions in check. Likewise, when you’re stressed, anxious, or irritable, it can be difficult to “shut your mind off” so you can get a good night’s sleep. Estrogen and especially progesterone play roles in sleep management. Not only can higher levels of these hormones help you fall asleep, but they can also help you maintain a normal sleep cycle and get more restful sleep. At the same time, estrogen can help you manage your mood and keep excess stress at bay. HRT helps maintain normal levels of both these hormones so you can enjoy better sleep and keep your mood on a more pleasant and even keel.

Weight gain

Even if we tend toward natural slimness, the hormonal shifts during menopause can make it a lot more difficult to maintain our weight and avoid gaining extra pounds. Weight gain typically occurs throughout the body, but when hormones are involved, most of those extra pounds become most visible in the belly area and the buttocks. Just as fatigue and moodiness form a nasty cycle, weight gain can also be self-fulfilling: When you gain weight, it becomes more difficult to get the exercise you need to shed those pounds, and that increase in inactivity means you can wind up gaining more weight … and so on. And it’s not just during menopause that we can notice shifts in weight. Any time our estrogen levels dip, we’re more likely to pack on the pounds. That’s because estrogen helps control our metabolism — the rate at which we’re able to convert calories to energy so we can burn them off. When estrogen levels dip, our metabolism slows down, and we tend to burn a lot fewer calories. Instead, those calories are converted to fat stores, usually in the belly area. Again, by reestablishing normal levels of estrogen, HRT can help women lose those excess pounds and maintain a healthier weight. Since being overweight is associated with increased risks for many serious medical problems including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, HRT for weight management can lead to other health benefits as well.

Don’t let low hormone levels take a toll on your life

Lots of women suffer from low hormone levels, thinking it’s a “natural” part of aging. But with HRT, you can replenish those hormone levels to relieve the symptoms that interfere with your enjoyment of life. And thanks to advances in bioidentical HRT, you don’t have to worry about the side effects that could occur with traditional HRT from a decade ago. Don’t let hormonal decline rule your life. To learn how HRT can help you, book an appointment online today.

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