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As you age, your medical needs become more complicated. Adults over the age of 65 have their own unique medical concerns that range from physical ailments to cognitive decline and mental health issues. Dr. Susan Biegel of Upland, California, specializes in geriatric care and is dedicated to meeting the needs of seniors and helping older adults maintain the high level of functioning and quality of life they’re used to.

Senior Care Q & A

What is geriatrics?

Geriatrics is a medical specialty that focuses on the care of seniors and elderly people. It addresses the multiple health concerns that affect those over age 65 and works to help improve and maintain their quality of life.

Geriatrics addresses more than just the physical ailments a patient faces, instead taking a whole-person approach. This improves continuity of care and leads to better treatment and outcomes. Some of geriatric issues that Dr. Biegel may address include:

  • Depression and moodiness
  • Incontinence and sexual dysfunction
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Memory and cognitive functioning
  • Osteoporosis and mobility issues
  • Arthritis
  • Constipation

What does a geriatric doctor do?

A geriatric doctor like Dr. Biegel works with older adults over age 65 to:

  • Help maintain their health
  • Remain independent
  • Postpone functional decline

During an initial appointment, Dr. Biegel asks questions regarding health history, memory, and day-to-day life. A thorough physical exam takes place, and she may order a range of tests, including blood work.

Once the results are in, Dr. Biegel may meet with both the patient and other family members to discuss an individualized treatment plan. She may make suggestions regarding how to manage the patient’s medical needs, recommend available services, and educate the patient and family about the process of aging. The treatment plan may include:

  • Medication management
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Social engagement

What’s the benefit of seeing a doctor who specializes in geriatrics?

A geriatric specialist offers many benefits to older adults. Dr. Biegel has over 25 years experience working with an aging population and understands the complex medical issues that arise as you age.

With her preventive approach to health and medicine, Dr. Biegel does more than treat diseases and ailments: She takes a holistic approach to healthy aging. She understands the importance of independence and safety and works to meet both the needs of the individual and those of the family who may be experiencing stress and worry regarding their aging loved one.


If you think a doctor who specializes in senior care may be right for you or your loved one, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Biegel today.

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