Do Your Legs Ache at Night? Varicose Veins May Be The Cause

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Varithena May Help Provide Lasting Relief - Dr. Susan Biegel MD

If you dread going to bed at night because your legs throb and ache when lying down, you're not alone. Many adults suffer from painful varicose veins that severely disrupt sleep quality and daily activities. But the good news is that the best varicose vein treatment is available - Varithena - offered by Dr. Susan Biegel MD in Upland California. This innovative FDA-approved medication can help alleviate irritating leg pain at night and improve vein appearance with minimal downtime. 

Even Better Your Private insurance, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage plans may cover Varithena treatment when deemed medically necessary. Our team can assist in determining your coverage eligibility.

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Varicose Veins May Be Causing Leg Pain at Night?

Varicose veins occur when valves inside the veins stop functioning properly, allowing blood to leak backwards and pool. This results in swelling, twisted veins, and nighttime discomfort when lying down as gravity pulls the trapped blood downwards.

Certain risk factors that can contribute to varicose veins that may cause leg pain at night

  • Family History: 
    • If your parents or siblings have varicose veins, you are statistically more likely to develop them as well due to genetic predisposition.
  •  Age:
    • The valves and veins lose elasticity and function over time, making varicose veins more common in seniors. However, they can occur at any age.
  • Obesity: 
    • Excess weight puts additional pressure on the vein valves and walls, leading to enlargement and leaking.
  • Pregnancy: 
    • Hormonal changes and increased blood volume during pregnancy often result in varicose veins, especially in the legs. These sometimes improve postpartum.
  • Occupation: 
    • Jobs that require extensive standing or sitting day after day can overexert the leg veins and lead to muscular damage.
  • Previous Injury:
    • Leg trauma, deep vein thrombosis, or prior vein procedures can sometimes cause venous insufficiency later on.

Varithena Vein treatments in Upland, CA: Relieving Night Time Leg Pain

Varithena is injected into diseased veins as a foam that displaces pooled blood, causing the veins to collapse and reroute flow through healthier veins. This reduces pressure, swelling, and annoying aching at night while improving vein appearance. As one of the best varicose vein treatments available, it is offered by Dr. Susan Biegel MD in Upland, CA.

Benefits of Varithena Treatment with Dr. Susan Biegel:

  • Non-surgical, in-office procedure
  • Takes under 1 hour with minimal downtime
  • Over 75% report symptom relief
  • Long-lasting results, typically 3+ years
  • Mild injections with quick recovery

If you experience painful, visible (or non visible) varicose veins that worsen at night, you may be a candidate for Varithena treatment with Dr. Susan Biegel MD in Upland, CA. As an expert in delivering the best varicose vein treatments, Dr. Biegel can evaluate your condition and discuss your options to finally get lasting relief from frustrating leg pain and unsightly veins.

To start this process just contact the office, fill out the vein health survey, and if you meet the criteria you will be scheduled for a painless ultrasound of the veins so that Dr. Biegel can discuss exactly how your vein care will be executed.

What to Expect During Your VeinTreatment in Upland

The Varithena injection process with Dr. Biegel consists of just a few simple steps...

  1. Treatment duration: 5-10 minutes.
  2. Local anesthetic applied.
  3. Varithena injected under ultrasound guidance.
  4. Immediate return home with minimal disruption to daily activities.

Candidates for Dr. Biegel's Varithena Vein Treatment in Upland, CA

If you are experience any of the following varicose vein symptoms in, you may be a good candidate for Varithena treatment with Dr. Susan Biegel MD...

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Lasting Vein Improvements With Varithena Varicose VeinTreatment

On average, a single Varithena session provides long-lasting relief of painful symptoms that is typically maintained for years. Patients also see a noticeable cosmetic improvement in their leg appearance as bulging varicose veins diminish over time after Varithena which is on of the best treatment Varicose Vein Treatment options

If you are suffering from unseen or unsightly, painful varicose veins we are conveniently located in the Upland, CA area, schedule a consultation with Dr. Susan Biegel MD to discuss your options. As an experienced Internist offering the best varicose vein treatment options like Varithena, Dr. Biegel’s team can determine if this innovative procedure is the right solution to finally provide lasting relief from your leg issues.

With Varithenas fast, minimally-invasive approach and Dr. Biegel's expertise, Varithena allows patients to take control of their vein health and get back to looking and feeling their best with less downtime compared to other treatment methods. 

Don't continue suffering from severe varicose veins and their frustrating symptoms - see if you're a candidate for the best varicose vein treatment by booking a consultation today.

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